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Bowling Pinsetters

Precision Universal Joints and Couplings to Set ‘em up and Knock ‘em Down!

Belden provides the bowling industry with a wide range of high-quality universal joints and couplings designed to fit all budgets. Belden’s latest in bowling pinsetter universal joints incorporate a new needle bearing design to outlast its offshore pinsetter counterparts. This joint delivers both longer life and trouble-free maintenance for a better overall lifetime value.


Belden High-Strength U Joint for Pinsetters

  • Heat Treated & Precision Machined
  • Constructed of High Grade Alloy Steel
  • High Overload Resistance

Belden Needle Bearing U Joints Pinsetter

  • Near Zero Backlash
  • Less Downtime for Repairs
  • Rigid Axial Stiffness for Push/Pull Loads when Pinsetting & Shock Loading
  • Constructed of High-Grade Alloy Steel

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