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Specialty Vehicle U Joints

Custom U joints For Specialty Vehicles

Belden specializes in the design and manufacturing of steering and shift linkage u joints and drive shaft assemblies. Our products are used in various specialty vehicle applications — from race cars to boats and industrial vehicles.

For the racing industry, Belden has developed steering u joints and shift linkage u joint solutions utilizing a cross and needle bearing design. Needle bearing universal joints are preferred for auto racing applications because they deliver rigid axial stiffness for push/pull loads and feature high-strength alloy steel yokes with permanently sealed drawn cup needle bearings and a forged cross. Steering and shift linkage solutions for race cars are available in a variety of hub materials including: stainless steel, forged steel, extruded aluminum and alloy—with or without plating.

For light-duty and recreational vehicles, Belden custom manufactures steering u joint assemblies based on the type of vehicle and the manufacturer’s strict guidelines. These customers include OEMs of electric cars, golf carts, passenger vehicles, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), industrial maintenance vehicles and utility trucks.

For specialty automobiles, Belden provides custom steering and shift linkage universal joints to meet and exceed the critical standards of each individual OEM. The universal joint and drive shaft assemblies are engineered to exact specifications in various grades of stainless steel, plated alloys, forgings and aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratios. Using state-of-the-art multiaxis CNC machinery and CAD/CAM technology, Belden delivers high-strength, light-weight steering universal joints to the specialty automotive market.

Application Examples

  • Steering assemblies
  • Light-duty and recreational vehicles
  • Racing

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