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Belden Universal Achieves Aerospace Quality Certification

Broadview, IL, USA, June 9, 2015 - Belden Universal, a leading global manufacturer of custom universal joints and highly specialized mechanical power transmission products announces today that it has achieved AS9100C aerospace quality certification.

The AS9100C certification, issued by SAE International, is the highest of global standards for quality assurance in the Aircraft, Space and Defense (AS&D) industries. It combines quality standards for both European and US aerospace manufacturing.

Belden’s newly formalized AS9100 qualification is scarce among universal joint manufacturers and makes Belden a top contender for delivering power transmission products for scores of aerospace applications; including aircraft high-lift actuation, control and steering mechanisms, flap opening and others.

“Belden is thrilled to have earned this certification. We consider it a major stepping stone to increasing our market share in the aerospace industry that is forecasted for strong growth over the next decade,” says Perry Sainati, President of Belden Universal.

Belden initially sought the certification to meet the requirements of UTC Aerospace Systems, one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace and defense products, who was looking for a vendor for high-quality universal joints for its high-lift actuation systems.

Belden Universal joints have been key components of major military, commercial, and private aircraft assemblies. Customers include Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus, UTC Aerospace Systems, Moog, Cessna, the U.S. Department of Defense; and distributors such as Aircraft Spruce, Wencor, Swift and KLX Aerospace.

About Belden Universal
Belden Universal is a leading manufacturer of high-quality special-purpose universal joints, drive-shaft assemblies and couplings made to customers’ exact specifications. Cutting edge, innovative manufacturing technologies and processes provide Belden the flexibility to produce small batches and custom parts just as cost-effectively as high-volume standard universal joints. Capabilities include customized hub configuration, length or the complete redesign of joints for special applications. Belden delivers solutions to all industries and applications where power is transmitted. Belden Universal joints are available as heavy duty, high strength, leveler strength or needle bearing, manufactured from a broad array of materials and platings. Belden Universal was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Broadview, IL, USA. For more information, visit

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