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Innovative Engineering Modifications to U-joints: The Solution to Your Design Challenges

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Engineers and service managers are often faced with challenges when their universal joints don't perform well against operating criteria. Universal joint customization can address these issues. Innovative engineering modifications to the universal joint can help you overcome various challenges you face in design, and achieve the desired operational results in your application.

Customization Options For Belden Universal Joints

Belden Universal designs universal joints for even the most complex applications. Read on to see how customization can help you overcome U-joint performance challenges.

Adjusted Yoke Profiles

Modifications to the yoke’s ear profile can greatly increase the joint’s torque capacity or result in higher operational angles. Heat treating the component provides additional strength and durability.

Ancillary Special Features

This universal joint for a subsea application was outfitted with wire connectors for end-to-end electrical conductivity. As an alternative to traditional lubrication, MoS2 surface coating was applied to reduce friction between component surfaces.

Unique Boot Solutions

Metal boot covers don’t collapse in high-vacuum applications and hold up well in extreme temperatures. Specialized polymers can reduce wear. Other materials may be specified or developed according to each unique application.

Get Custom U-Joints From a Trusted Manufacturer

No matter the design challenges you face, turn to Belden Universal for the solution. We’re an AS9100D certified manufacturer of U Joints and Driveshafts. To get started with a quick technical review, call us at (708) 578-6048. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to request a quote.