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Drilling & Tapping Universal Joints

Spindles, Drive Shafts and Universal Joints for Drilling and Tapping Equipment

Belden, Inc. was originally founded as a manufacturer of multiple-spindle drill and tap machines, so our expertise in drilling and tapping applications is unparalleled. All components are carefully engineered to guarantee close tolerances.

We carry standard drilling-slip spindle and drill-and-tap u joint assemblies (short and long sleeve) in a variety of diameters. Spindles and drive shafts are available for Belden Machine, NATCO, and Deka Drills. Drive shafts are available for Belden Machine, Deka, NATCO, Commander, ETTCO, Jarvis, Johnson and U.S. Drill Head applications.

In addition to the standard heavy-duty plain bearing universal joints, we also offer needle-bearing universal joints for continuous, high-RPM applications, or high-strength pin and block style universal joints for high-torque requirements. A variety of materials, surface finishes, bore sizes and bore configurations are available.


Standard Drill Spindle Assembly

Standard Drill-Tap Slip Spindle Drive Shaft

Quick Change Drive Shaft

Spring-Loaded Quick Change Drive Shaft

Product Examples

Application Examples

  • Simple Drilling & Tapping Machines
  • Belden Machine, NATCO, Commander, ETTCO, Jarvis, Johnson, U.S. Drill, Deka Drills, etc.

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